Sassafras does Odd Bits: A four course Offal Exposé

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9th July, Source Food Hall and Café

Offal is a notorious meat. Called out for its foolish name and long branded as a lesser cut, today you most commonly find offal smuggled into every orifice of the processed meat production line.
Yet offal lives a double life.
In the words of Jeremy Strong “Offal has been stolen.” Stolen by the media and gourmets, sensationalised, romanticized and “exoticized”… served at a mark-up as a relic of the past, signifying both diner and chefs’ culinary prowess.

We say bollocks! (lamb fries!) to this lose–lose approach! We want to cook – and eat  offal simply because, as the American euphemism “variety meats” suggests, offal boasts a range of textures, flavours, shapes and sizes. And offal is delicious. So cook with it we will.

Join us. Our four-course offal-oriented menu will demystify offal & banish all thoughts of impracticality, stigma and squeamishness.

Our menu isn’t meant to inspire machismo or to make you squirm. Rather, we want to celebrate odd bits and the variety of the beast to make you as happy as Fergus Henderson with a pint of crème de menthe.


Summer split pea & crispy pig’s ear soup 

Duck heart, neck & liver terrine, carrot, fennel

Tongue & cheek chou farci

Rhubarb frangipan with bone marrow pastry & elderflower cream

Places are limited so get your tickets via eventripe now. Alternative booking arrangements are available, please get in touch for details to avoid the eventbrite fee.

Also contact us for group discounts, vegetarian options or any udder enquiries.


Sassafras are Richard and Tess, a Bristol based duo making menus where irony and meat are compulsory ingredients. Ideas born in the Ethicurean kitchen. Now popping up around Bristol.
For more details on Sassafras check out our facebook page. Please help us to spread the word.

More about us.

The event will be decked out with relics of offal’s history so be sure to bring your reading glasses. 

Here’s one for the road:

Vic was doing the tripes- a tripe is about as big as a wheelbarrow… it goes on the floor, first you skim the fat off, then you cut it open to get all the cud out, which he did, but once you cut it spews a little bit bigger.
Anyway so Vic leans over the tripe trying to get a hold of it and this is filled with blood and cud and everything… and his false teeth fall out right in the middle. Anyway pretty quickly Vic leans scoops em out, wipes em on his apron and pops em back in.
And my father says ‘teeth a bit loose today Vic?’ And Vic says ‘ye, couldn’t find mine today. These are mother in laws.’


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