About us

Sassafras is the start of Rich & Tess doing what they’ve spent a long time joking about doing- making menus where irony and meat are compulsory ingredients. It started in the Ethicurean kitchen with a shared urge to be completely involved in our food & to connect with the people who produce & eat it.

July’s variety meats extravaganza takes its lead from Tessa’s studies in offal & animal byproduct circulation for her MA thesis. Listening to interviews of slaughterhouse workers, meat traders and butchers, she explored the value of offal alongside industry change.  Yes, it was as fascinating as it sounds, and it firmly placed offal on her culinary radar. It also left her with countless offal tales from the past. Many of which will be on exhibit as you eat.

Richard is chef from Australia. His love of offal started when he was offered his first bit of morcilla as an apprentice, ‘What is that?’ He said. ‘Blood sausage’ his head chef said. Feeling very reluctant but wanting to save face all the while, he squeamishly took his first taste of what would become a thriving food relationship with offal- solidified years later with a long, boozey lunch at St. Johns in London. 


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